ModLoader64 Configuration

First Setup

VC++ 2017 x86 Runtime Libraries
Node.js x86 Libraries

Yes, you need x86 even if you are on a 64-bit computer.

1.) Download ModLoader64 exe or zip file.

2.) Extract the contents to your Desktop or Downloads folder.

3.) Run ModLoader64.exe to execute first time update and populate folders.

4.) Download OotOnline.pak

5.) Move OotOnline.pak to ./ModLoader/mods/

6.) Congrats, you've installed ModLoader64 and Ocarina of Time Online.



Place your rom files under ./ModLoader/roms


Mods will include gameplay modifications, custom characters, equipment packs, etc.
Place you .pak files under ./ModLoader/mods
Official Player Models

Emulator Configuration

You can edit the following options by opening ./ModLoader/emulator/mupen64plus.cfg in a text editor. (Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++, etc.)

Video Options

AspectRatio = ?
Options0 = Stretch to fit
1 = Force 4:3
2 = Force 16:9
3 = Auto-Adjust
FXAA = True/False
MultiSampling = ?
Options 0 = Off
2 = 2x
4 = 4x
8 = 8x
16 = 16x


Fullscreen = True/False
ScreenWidth = width (e.g. 1920)
ScreenHeight = height (e.g. 1080)

Texture Packs

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Texture Packs
Banjo Kazooie Texture Packs

Default Folder Windows (Rice) - %AppData%/mupen64plus/hires_texture/

Default Folder Windows (HTC/HTS) - %AppData%/mupen64plus/cache/

Default Folder Linux (Rice) - ~/.local/share/mupen64plus/hires_texture/

Default Folder Linux (HTC/HTS) - ~/.cache/share/mupen64plus/cache/

You can change the directories used for textures in mupen64plus.cfg

txPath = Path/To/Textures
txCachePath = Path/To/Texture/Cache

It is recommended to set txCacheSize to 1000

Rice Folder

txHiresEnable = True
txHiresFullAlphaChannel = True

GLideN64 .htc file

txHiresEnable = True
txHiresFullAlphaChannel = True
txEnhancedTextureFileStorage = False
txHiresTextureFileStorage = False

GLideN64 .hts files

txHiresEnable = True
txHiresFullAlphaChannel = True
txEnhancedTextureFileStorage = True
txHiresTextureFileStorage = True

Emulator Hotkeys

ESC - Quit
F9 - Reset
Alt-Enter - Toggle Fullscreen
M - Toggle Mute
[ - Volume Down
] - Volume Up