Name Author Description
Cheat Menu JerryWester Ocarina of Time cheat menu!
Custom Tunic Redux denoflions Setup your own custom tunic colors!
Double Dynamite denoflions Have you or a loved one suffered from horrible Twinrova RNG on phase 1? Are you tired of Twinrova flying around and avoiding the elemental beams? Use THIS pak to completely bypass phase one of Twinrova's BS and force her to transform into the second phase immediately!
Fast Time Flow Unesag Press Up on the D-Pad to advance time to day or night. No more standing around waiting!
GameCube Layout denoflions Changes the HUD button layout to match GameCube controllers.
Ghost Mode denoflions Turns off inventory and flag syncing, useful for racing together or showing off tricks!
Hide The HUD Unesag Press and hold the L button to hide the HUD, useful for screenshots!
HP Tunic Drahsid Changes the colors of your tunic to match your current health level.
Infinite Rupees JerryWester Keeps your wallet filled to the brim, will not go past your current wallet maximum. No more grinding for rupees!
Keysy denoflions Never hunt down those pesky keys again! Gives unlimited small keys for all dungeons.
Life Transference denoflions Syncs health amongst all players, when you die, so do all of your friends!
Mask Keeper denoflions Keep masks equipped while wandering around the world!
MM Jumps Neirn Vanilla Ocarina of Time jumps not cutting it? Add Majora's Mask style jumping!
No Music JerryWester Tired of the background music? Let's just get rid of it!
OoT Boss Rush denoflions Sets Ocarina of Time into Buss Rush Mode. Leave Link's house to start fighting all the bosses!
OoT Lobby Chat JerryWester Adds an in-game chat to Ocarina of Time Online!
Rainbow Everything PapaSmurf Everything that can be rainbow, is now a synced rainbow effect.
Rainbow Everything Disco Mode PapaSmurf Everything that can be rainbow, is now a synced rainbow effect. In case the rainbow wasn't fast enough!
Rainbow Gauntlets PapaSmurf Regular Silver and Gold Gauntlets not fancy enough for you? Make them rainbowfied!
Rainbow Tunic Drahsid Tired of the drab default tunic colors? Try out the rainbow tunic!
Shields Restored PapaSmurf Never lose a shield again!